Grantee Press Release Templates

Release Reminders:

Pre-approval is not required when using any OTS-supplied press release template. However, copy the OTS PIO at and your OTS coordinator when any press release is distributed to the media and public. The OTS-supplied kick-off press release templates and any kickoff press releases are an exception to this policy and require prior approval before distribution to the media and public.

If an OTS-supplied press release template is substantially changed, the changes shall be sent to the OTS PIO at for approval and copy to your OTS Coordinator. Optimum lead time would be 7 days prior to the scheduled release date, but at least 3 business days prior to the scheduled release date for review and approval is appreciated.

Press releases reporting immediate and time-sensitive grant activities are exempt from the OTS PIO approval process. The OTS PIO and your Coordinator should still be notified when the grant-related activity is announced via press release. Enforcement activities such as warrant and probation sweeps and court stings that are embargoed or could impact operations by publicizing in advance are exempt from the PIO approval process. Announcements and results of activities should still be copied to the OTS PIO at and your Coordinator with the embargoed date and time or with “INTERNAL ONLY: DO NOT RELEASE” message in subject line of email. 

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