Public Relations, Advertising, and Marketing Program

The driving forces behind OTS’s marketing and public relations programs are information, engagement and communication. We first must engage the public’s interest, to bring them in and open them up to be receptive to communication. We do this through multiple and continuous earned media, active outreach, paid media, and social media connections to the public. After they are engaged, effectively communicating the importance of the life-saving benefits of traffic safety is paramount. By first raising public awareness, followed by social norming, OTS is able to contribute a significant positive change in traffic safety behavior and culture over time. Through public awareness and social norming programs such as “Click It or Ticket,” “Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving,” “DDVIP,” and “Silence the Distraction,” often conducted in conjunction with enhanced law enforcement at the local level, this traffic safety mission was successfully accomplished. OTS continues to be a primary resource for the public, researchers and the press for traffic safety information, best practices, statistics and linkage to other resources. The increase and expanding use of social media is allowing us to reach new members of targeted audiences. OTS currently has very successful and dynamic presences on Facebook and Twitter, with reaches into YouTube and Instagram. With the continued collaboration of and partnership with other agencies, private sector businesses, community organizations, and law enforcement agencies, the vision of OTS will continue in the successful extension of the message of traffic safety to the people of California.


  • OTS Marketing and Public Affairs supports the OTS mission of reducing deaths, injuries, and economic losses resulting from traffic crashes by creating and implementing comprehensive public awareness programs designed to improve and encourage safe driving practices statewide. In addition, these efforts are intended to make safe driving the behavior of choice for all Californians, including at-risk and under-served communities. OTS recognizes the challenge of reaching a diverse and widespread population of over 38 million people, including 24 million licensed drivers, and creates its public awareness efforts to best and most effectively reach them. OTS strives to be the primary source of traffic safety information, of all forms, for the news and information media.