Roadway Safety and Traffic Records

Roadway Safety programs concentrate on the vehicle operating environment and are strongly influenced by enforcement, engineering, and utilizing relevant data generated by those activities to improve roadway safety and traffic records. OTS advocates efforts to automate traffic collision database systems and the ability to analyze and map high-collision locations. Grant-funded items include hardware, software, and expert services necessary to aid in the automation of manual processes, eliminate process duplication, and facilitate enhanced data gathering and data sharing.


  • To replace manual input databases or paper files, allowing traffic engineers access to extensive collision analysis tools, automated standard reports, and mapping of collision locations


Records Management System

The Los Angeles Police Department successfully implemented a new traffic collision module in their electronic record management system. The Department transitioned from hand written traffic collision reports to entering the data directly to a mobile device while at the scene of a traffic collision. The modernization of LAPD’s crash reporting process reduced the time required to complete a traffic report, increased data accuracy, and reduced the delay between the time of collision and the time data is available for analysis. In addition, the Department can now submit crash data electronically to the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System managed by the

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