Occupant Protection

In spite of the great strides made, thousands of young people, from newborns through age 20, continue to die or experience serious injuries that could have been prevented had they been properly restrained in a child safety seat, booster seat, or safety belt. The most recent statewide seat belt survey, conducted in 2015, reports a 97.3 percent seat belt use rate. Seat belt and child safety seat programs continue to focus on statewide and local public information campaigns, increased enforcement, and community education, outreach, and training. More specifically, the programs provide child safety seats to low-income families, conduct child safety seat check ups, and educate teens about using seat belts.


  • To increase seat belt compliance
  • To increase child safety seat usage
  • To reduce the number of vehicle occupants killed under the age of eight
  • To reduce the number of vehicle occupants injured under the age of eight



California Highway Patrol The CHP implemented a statewide grant project to address the need for established safety and mobility programs for older drivers. The project promoted preventing injuries and fatalities through educating the motoring public by utilizing community-based groups to assess the issues and make recommendations to address the needs of the senior driving community. A total of 421 Senior Driver
educational presentations were conducted impacting 15,902 people throughout California.


Contra Costa County Health Services
Using funds received from an OTS grant, the Public Health Nursing, Home Visiting program developed a project that integrated car seat safety assessments into Public Health Nursing protocol. Public Health Nurses and Community Health Workers provided education, car seats, and installation by a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician in the convenience of the client’s own home. The grant provided funding to train 38 Public Health Nurses & Community Health Workers on Child Passenger Safety and Certified 2 Child Passenger Safety Technicians who educated parents and caregivers about child passenger safety. They distributed and installed 163 car seats and conducted seat checks during home visits. Educational seat check events were also held at Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), Concord Monument Crisis Center, First 5, Juneteenth, and Concord Child Care Center. Four educational presentations were conducted with pregnant and parenting teens at Crossroads High School. Collaborations were developed with Children’s Hospital Oakland and California State Automobile Association (CSAA) which resulted in the donation of 80 car seats to the project.


Pomona Police Department
The Pomona Police Department and SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. worked together to impact individuals, families, agencies, and Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Technicians throughout the state; and reached people and agencies in 54 of 58 California counties this year. In 2018, the Pomona Police Department and SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. conducted 16 safety seat checkup events that impacted 148 families; 101 CPS Technicians from 60 agencies in 8 counties assisted at these events. In that same year, 742 children took the 5-Step Test, 145 booster seats were distributed, 49 exhibits and presentations impacting 2,700 individuals were conducted, and roll call briefings and California Citation Reminder Cards were distributed to 1,067 law enforcement personnel. SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A also provided bi-monthly Technical Webinars for 508 CPS Technicians with 469 Continuing Education Units issued for re-certification, as well as hosting the year-round Safe Ride Helpline services, making it possible to provide assistance and information that is current and correct to 417 families and agencies throughout California.


San Diego County Health & Homan Services Agency – Community Action Partnership (CAP)
The Child Passenger Safety Program Keep ‘Em Safe (KES) conducted 61 CPS education classes impacting 641 parents/caregivers and 34 checkup events impacting 771 children. In addition, the program distributed 651 child passenger safety seats and collaborated with 20 different Community Based Organizations (CBO’s) including Chaldean Middle Eastern Social Services, Rady Children’s Hospital, Jewish Family Services, etc. In an effort to build capacity in the community, the Keep ‘Em Safe program conducted a child passenger safety class for public workers at the California Head Start Association Health Institute Conference training 15 individuals in child passenger safety. The KES program was also featured as part of the morning show “Voces Hispanas”.


Yolo County Health and Human Services Agency
During FFY 2018 the Yolo County Child Passenger Safety Program hosted 6 checkup events and 10 car seat safety seat education classes. Certified technicians participated in 19 traffic safety fairs, community events, and presentations; as well as directed 6 roll calls with law enforcement that included city police and county sheriff’s department. The program also conducted court referred classes, for individuals who received a child passenger safety citation, with a total of 12 attendees. The program conducted one-on-one car seat inspection appointments where parents and caregivers received individualized education according to their needs. Through classes, checkup events, and one-on-one inspections, 416 car seats were inspected in Yolo County, and 122 grant funded child safety seats were distributed.

The Yolo County Child Passenger Safety car seat recycling program was limited to just one location. Funding from the FFY 2018 OTS grant enabled the agency to add three locations throughout the county. Additionally, the program developed strong community partnerships and raised awareness to the hazards associated with purchasing used and expired car seats as well as the importance of replacing car seats after they have been involved in a collision.

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