Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle safety stakeholders, including OTS, CHP, Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and other representatives of the SHSP “Motorcycles” Challenge Area have proposed new actions in the effort to reduce motorcycle collisions, injuries and fatalities. Activities include, enhancing the motorcycle safety awareness component in driver education courses, encouraging the use of proper protective equipment for riders, outreach to un-endorsed motorcycle owners offering “refresher” rider training courses, consideration of motorcycle safety in roadway design.


  • Reduce the number of motorcyclists killed in traffic collisions
  • Reduce the number of motorcyclists injured in traffic collisions
  • Reduce the number of motorcyclists killed in alcohol-involved collisions
  • Reduce the number of motorcyclists injured in alcohol-involved collisions


Vision Zero Motorcycle Education Campaign

In keeping with San Francisco’s Vision Zero policy to end all fatalities and serious injuries on the city’s roads, the SFMTA executed the first year of a three-year motorcycle education campaign pilot. In partnership with the SF Department of Public Health and dozens of stakeholders in the community, the program first developed a best-practices study of motorcycle safety education that informed the work going forward. Using that study, the SFMTA created outreach materials that were widely distributed to places in which motorcycle riders frequently visit. With the SF Police Department, the SFMTA crafted a Motorcycle Safety Ambassador Training series to harness the close-knit motorcycle riding community. Six of these trainings were held at motorcycle shops around the city, and dozens of influential riders in the community became better equipped to be ambassadors of safety in their social circles. Additionally, a San Francisco-specific motorcycle safety video was produced for sharing on social media or for use in trainings for riders who are new to the city. This was the first motorcycle-specific safety education campaign in San Francisco and the first motorcycle-specific Vision Zero-related program in the US.

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