Public Awareness and Education

OTS utilizes a variety of monthly and year-round education campaigns to reach Californians and encourage safe behaviors when on the go. The program serves as the state’s traffic safety advocate and go-to resource for all Californians, educating the public on ways they can stay safe and make safety their top priority. Statewide media campaign efforts coincide with national campaigns focused on impaired driving, distracted driving, and pedestrian safety. These “Go Safely, California” statewide campaigns showcase a series of traffic safety messages on TV, streaming services, outdoor billboards, radio, and social media, reaching people across all types of platforms with the goal of changing behaviors. Outreach efforts specifically target youth, teens, and young adults.


  • OTS Marketing and Public Affairs supports the OTS mission of reducing deaths, injuries, and economic losses resulting from traffic crashes by creating and implementing comprehensive public awareness programs designed to improve and encourage safe driving practices statewide. In addition, these efforts are intended to make safe driving the behavior of choice for all Californians, including at-risk and under-served communities. OTS recognizes the challenge of reaching a diverse and widespread population of over 38 million people, including 24 million licensed drivers, and creates its public awareness efforts to best and most effectively reach them. OTS strives to be the primary source of traffic safety information, of all forms, for the news and information media.


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