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Office of Traffic Safety

Distracted Driving Campaign

Put your phone down. Just Drive

Distracted Driving Campaign

The California Office of Traffic Safety’s “Put Your Phone Down. Just Drive.” campaign is a fresh take on OTS’ popular "Silence the Distraction" emoji campaign which was first introduced to statewide audiences in 2015. The goal of both campaigns remains the same – to reduce traffic deaths, injuries and behaviors related to distracted driving. However, the 2018 campaign aims to be more relevant to today’s smartphone culture, and appeal to even younger audiences – specifically those between the ages of 16-24. The youngest and most inexperienced drivers are most at risk of distracted driving dangers, and the revised creative highlights how all apps on your phone can be both distracting, and dangerous, while driving. Usage of any app, music, videos, social media, maps or photos, are all dangerous and illegal when behind the wheel, and it’s better to put your phone down and just drive.

The "Put Your Phone Down. Just Drive." Campaign will run in Sacramento and San Diego 4/2/2018 – 4/22/2018, while digital will run statewide during the same timeframe. Elements will include:

  • Radio: General Market :15 and :30 spots / Traffic Reads
  • Television: Broadcast TV / OTT :15 spots
  • Digital Media: Pre-roll video / Social posts / Snapchat videos
  • Outdoor: Bulletins in the following locations
    • Sacramento (Business 80)
    • Sacramento (North Sacramento)
    • Sacramento (80 West Sacramento)
    • Sacramento (I5)
    • Sacramento (50 Corridor)
    • San Diego (Downtown)
    • San Diego (Lemon Grove)

The "Put Your Phone Down. Just Drive." PSA and more information related to distracted driving can be viewed here:

#justdriveCA    Just Drive CA Emojies

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