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Office of Traffic Safety

Emergency Medical Services

Timely access to life-saving emergency medical services is critical to the reduction of fatalities and life-altering injuries resulting from motor vehicle collisions. OTS provides funds for cost-effective programs that incorporate effective strategies for improving California’s EMS system’s ability to meet the needs of motor vehicle collision victims. OTS-funded programs provide life-saving equipment, training, reliable ambulance transportation, effective communications, public information, education, and access to data and evaluation tools.


  • To decrease the average response time for the arrival of appropriate equipment at collision sites in rural areas


Regional Collision Response and Extrication Improvement Program
A Regional Collision Response and Extrication Improvement Program located in the Bay Area provided extrication equipment to six fire/rescue stations in four communities that were in need of replacing outdated equipment. The Albany Fire Department served as the host agency in purchasing and placing into use seven fully-equipped extrication systems, as well as other extrication apparatus. Fire stations in the communities of Albany, Berkeley, El Cerrito, and Richmond replaced equipment that was 20 years old, which was often unreliable or out-of-service. The new state-of-the-art equipment is lighter, interoperable with other agencies, is compatible with new vehicle technology, offers greater safety to emergency personnel, and equips the service area at the current industry standards. Over 250 firefighters were trained in the use of the new life-saving equipment. Extrication times were reduced from 21 to 15 minutes, ensuring faster access to victims and therefore decreasing delivery time to hospitals. In addition, the response time for the arrival of appropriate equipment at collision sites in the service area decreased from nine to five minutes.

Ventura County Regional Extrication Equipment Project
The Oxnard Fire Department purchased and distributed four fully-equipped extrication systems, a heavy duty stabilization system, and two combination tools for Ventura County. Fire stations that replaced the out dated and unreliable equipment were Camarillo, Fillmore, Moorpark, Ojai, Oxnard, and Thousand Oaks stations. The new equipment was placed throughout the county to improve response times and extrication times which will improve the patients chance of survival. The updated equipment will work with the neighboring counties extrication systems allowing them to interchange extrication equipment while on scene. The county trained 180 firefighters in the use of the new equipment, as well as 180 first responders in the recognition and treatment of trauma victims. The agency displayed the equipment for eleven school and community events. In addition, the average response time for the arrival of the equipment to the crash scene decreased from 12.50 minutes to 11.13 minutes. The average extrication time improved from 17.11 minutes to 14.22 minutes.