Be Aware, Pedestrians Don’t Have Armor

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Oct. 5, 2015

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Be Aware, Pedestrians Don’t Have Armor
Safety Awareness Campaign Aims to Cut the High Number of Pedestrian Deaths Locally

Sacramento, CA – Introducing Pete Walker – shroud in heavy, car-part armor, he may look like he just stepped off the set of the latest action Hollywood blockbuster, but he isn’t an action figure. In fact, as the symbol of the new California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) pedestrian
safety campaign, the armored man now walking the streets of Sacramento instead represents every pedestrian on the road.

In 2013, Sacramento County led all other surrounding counties on the list of needless tragedy with 39 pedestrians killed, a shocking 31.7 percent of all traffic fatalities. The new public education campaign, “Be Aware. Pedestrians Don’t Have Armor,” which launches today in the
greater Sacramento region, highlights the importance of pedestrian safety awareness, regardless of whether you are on foot or behind the wheel.

“Incidents involving pedestrians and motorists are tragic but completely preventable,” said OTS Director Rhonda Craft. “The goal of this program is to help prevent injuries and save lives.”

At the center of the new traffic safety campaign is Pete Walker, an everyday pedestrian who wears a suit of armor to try to ensure his own safety as he walks to work each day. The suit he has envisioned is made from used car parts, designed to remind campaign audiences that in real life, pedestrians don’t have armor and are very vulnerable.

The concept for the new campaign notes that every day an unfair battle is fought, and too often lost, between people and vehicles. When the average SUV has at least two blind spots, can weigh up to six thousand pounds and can take up to six seconds to stop, it’s even more
essential that drivers and pedestrians alike be responsible for protecting the lives of one another and sharing traffic safety responsibility.

“We hope that when you see Pete Walker on TV, on a billboard, or even out and about at events around town, that he will make you stop and think about how truly vulnerable actual pedestrians are when they’re out walking every day,” said Craft.

The regional campaign will serve as a benchmark for future OTS pedestrian related public awareness programs throughout the state.

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